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What Can Youth Counselling Do For You?

Do you have feelings you don’t know what to do with such as sadness, frustration, loneliness, anger, anxiety? Is it hard to talk about these feelings with your friends or family?

You might want to consider youth counselling in London, ON.

In the social media age our youth are suffering from signs of anxiety, depression and loneliness more than even as they constantly compare themselves to others on social media. 

If we are in high school trying to get into University or College, or if we are looking to get into a prestigious program to impress family and friends, this can be stressful.

We help the youth including teenagers and those above 12 to cope with the complex world we are living in. So much expectation from parents, people we follow on social media, making us feel like we are not enough. 

By working with a trained therapist we can help guide you in the right direction so you don’t feel alone.

How Does Youth Counselling Work?

Our counsellor will understand your needs and situations you are struggling with to help prevent negative feelings. If a youth seeks help early in life they can prepare themselves for a future with more understanding and knowledge on how to deal with negative emotions.

By investing in yourself you can better prepare for the future because live after school can be quite challenging and overwhelming. We will help prepare you for whatever challenge you face.

How Much Does Youth Counselling Cost?

At Galbraith Therapy our youth counselling services start at $120/hr. If you are a parent wanting to help your child with any stress, depression, anxiety or anger. We are trained professionals that can help you.

Are You Ready To Improve Your Life?

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