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How Trauma Therapy Can Help You?

Trauma therapy is for you if you’ve experienced a traumatic event in your life which overwhelms your ability to cope in the moment.

Even if you’ve experienced a negative childhood experience where you can’t remember it but it sits in your subconscious, this can effect the way you live your current life.


How Do You Know If You Have Trauma?

Some common symptoms of trauma or PTSD that we will observe in you is your level of depression, anxiousness, hypervigilance, your lack of trust for others, intense emotional reactions, dissociation from society and your close-ones.

Other symptoms you may have can be more intrusive such as nightmares, flashbacks, “feeling hijacked”, and over-responding to situational stress.

A person who is traumatized while sitting on a couch

How GCT London Can Help You With Your Trauma?

The goal of our trauma therapy service in London is to reduce the symptoms you are experiencing from past trauma.

This includes coping with the present and seeing a bright future for yourself. Having a strong sense of control over what you cannot and leaving behind the parts which are out of your control. 

When life feels hopeless it is more important than ever to seek help from a professional trauma therapist who has worked with many in similar situations

We also help with PTSD trauma therapy and many other forms of trauma therapy using methods like EMDR therapy.

What Are Some Benefits Of Trauma Counselling?

There are many benefits to trauma counselling that you may or may not be aware of.

Improve Your Mindset

  • A more positive mindset free from trauma allows you live the best version of yourself. A more healthy mind allows you to focus on the things you enjoy without remembering the traumatic past.

Overcome Your Negative Habits

  • There are many negative habits which come with trauma as a coping mechanism. Whether it is through the indulgence of bad foods, drugs & alcohol, all of these numb the pain but don’t solve it.

You Become Present To The Moment

  • When you are less depressed, your ability to complete tasks and chase after your goals is much easier. Depression feels like it weighs you down, but when you release this weight your life becomes much easier.

There are many more benefits to treating trauma. See what Bright Life Recover had to say.

Why Choose GCT London For Trauma Treatment?

At GCT London we will help you with your trauma through many solutions such as EMDR therapy.

With these solutions we will help relieve your personal trauma and provide you with the best possible outcome.

*We provide virtually or in-person depending on your preference.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much Do You Charge For Trauma Therapy?

Our trauma therapy sessions cost $140/hr. If you would like to receive ongoing sessions fill out the form below.

Is Trauma Therapy Covered By OHIP?

Unfortunately depression therapy is not covered by OHIP.

How Many Trauma Counselling Sessions Do I Need?

The amount of depression therapy sessions you will need will greatly depend on your situation, how much you are willing to invest in your mental health, and how quickly you are able to complete the exercises recommended to help with your situation.

When Does Trauma Happen In A Individual?

Trauma happens when a person experiences a negative event that overwhelms their ability to cope in the moment, which is different for each person (two people go through the same experience, one is traumatized, one is not). 

Some trauma is also seen during childhood in times where we can’t remember a lot but the experiences remain at the subconscious level. This includes childhood abuse/neglect and multiple negative experiences.