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What are the biggest factors which cause stress?

Stress management in London, ON is recommended for you if you feel like you have too much on your plate, and you simply cannot say no to. It can also be past experiences that haven’t been dealt with which cause bring stress in the present moment, or simply current challenges you are facing at work, in your relationships or financial situation.

What are the long-term affects of stress?

The long-term affects of stress if not resolved can be negative affects of stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) which affect our brains ability to function, our physiology (inflammatory responses), and it can lead to many other mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and anger.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the long-term affects of stress can cause: anxiety, depression, digestive problems, headaches, heart disease, sleep problems, weight gain, memory and concentration impairment.

Who would benefit from stress management?

Anyone that is experiencing increased chronic stress or who is overwhelmed with life’s tasks. If your health is being affected by stress after noticing high cortisol levels, or if you are losing your hair or witnessing weight gain, this could be a sign of high stress. 

What are the benefits of stress management?

You will learn how to manage your stress from our professional counsellors and therapists who will give you a space to breathe. By doing this you can increased coping in your day to day life, as well as increased productivity in life and at work.

How much would stress management cost?

Stress management can cost anywhere from $120-$140/hr.

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