Depression Therapy London, Ontario

What Can Depression Therapy Do For You?

Depression therapy in London, ON is a growing issue among men, women and the youth. It stems from feelings of trauma experienced in the past, lack of energy, trauma or issues you are currently experiencing in life that makes you feel there is nothing which can be done.

By working with a therapist we can create a plan that addresses the issues contributing to depressed mood, help you increased motivation, increased contentedness, identification of needs, and working with your thoughts, feelings and behaviors that contribute to or keep people in depression.

What Can Cause Depression In Someone?

Although there isn’t always a identifiable reason, some reasons why you may be facing depression is due to physiological condition which impacts your brain, body and your thoughts. Other circumstances could be a situational matter, a result of trauma or old experiences reappearing.

What Are The Symptoms Of Depression?

The symptoms of depression can be low mood, feelings of unhappiness, dissatisfied with many aspects of life, feeling stuck, negativity and complaining. Other signs can be loss of motivation, feelings of guilt and sadness, and hopelessness and range from mild to more severe – feeling like you cannot get out of bed, suicidal ideation and thoughts. This can impact relationships, home life, work and school.

How Much Does Counselling Cost Per Hour?

​We currently charge anywhere from $120 – $140/hour for virtual counselling sessions.


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