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How Depression Counselling Can Help You

If you are suffering from depression, please understand you are not alone.

Depression is a growing issue among men and women where the past affects our present lives. 

By working with a depression therapist in London we can create a treatment plan for you that addresses the issues contributing to your depressed.


How We Can Help With Your Depression

We help people like you who are suffering from depression at GCT London.

We offer a large suite of depression treatment solutions which have been shown to be effective with treating our clients.

While we will customize a solution specifically for you, here’s a summary of what your experience can look like.

Step 1: Understanding Your Depression

We are trained depression specialists in London who have created a process made to help our clients with depression.

Step 2: Developing & Customizing A Solution

Once your depression specialist understands your challenges, they will customize a treatment solution for you.

Step 3: Treatment & Progression

Your specialist will work 1-on-1 with you to help slowly improve your depression challenges using the solution they will create for you.

Step 4: Continuing To Develop Yourself

Even after our counselling consults are complete, treating your depression never ends. It requires you to put in the effort everyday that will help towards your treatment.

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Looking For Depression Counselling From Experienced Therapists?

How Depression Treatment Can Benefit You?

Once you are able to treat your depression through counselling, you will start to notice your whole world around you completely changes.

Have more energy and focus

  • Your positive mindset comes off and gives good energy to others. It helps build stronger relationships and creates many opportunities.

No more sleepless nights

  • While before you would wake up in the middle of the night with your anxiety and depression, for once you will be able to gain peaceful sleep. A lot of times trauma keeps us up at night, and through our depression treatment we can help you.

Improved relationships

  • When you are less depressed, your ability to complete tasks and chase after your goals is much easier. Depression feels like it weighs you down, but when you release this weight your life becomes much easier.

There are many more benefits to treating depression. View WebMD’s 10 Benefits Of Depression Treatment.

Why You Should Consider Galbraith Therapy For Your Depression Treatment?

At Galbraith Therapy we will connect you to the right depression therapist in London who will help solve your challenges. This way you can gain the best possible outcome and work with someone who is experienced with your situation.

*We provide virtually or in-person depending on your preference.

Are You Ready To Treat Your Depression?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does The Average Therapist Charge In London?

The average therapist can charge anywhere from $80 – $180/hour in London, ON. However this can vary depending on their experience and education status.

Is Depression Counselling Therapy Covered By OHIP?
  • Unfortunately depression therapy is not covered by OHIP.
How Much Do You Charge For Depression Treatment?
  • ​We currently charge anywhere from $120 – $140/hour for virtual counselling sessions.

  • While we do provide in-person counselling, this will greatly depend on our lockdown situation.

How Many Depression Treatment Sessions Do I Need?
  • The amount of depression therapy sessions you will need will greatly depend on your situation, how much you are willing to invest in your mental health, and how quickly you are able to complete the exercises recommended to help with your situation.
What Makes Us Depression Specialists?
  • With a combined 20 years of experience, we have worked with many clients with many different situations.