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How Couples Therapy Can Save Your Relationship?

If you are in a relationship and you are looking to take things to the next stage, or if you are in a marriage where you think couples counselling could help solve the challenges you are facing, we can help you.

At GCT London we’ve worked with 100’s of couples and have customized plans to help rebuild their marriage or relationship.

Why Couples Choose Us For Guidance & Therapy?

Couples counselling is an opportunity for both partners to feel heard and be seen, by each other.

By working with one of our couples therapy specialists you will have the opportunity to speak your side of the story, share your concerns and challenges all while being lead by a professional.

Through this your counsellor will guide the relationship in a way where they can understand both sides, and form a customized solution.

How We Approach Relationship Therapy

Rebuilding relationships or helping couples move to the next level in their relationship is a tougher challenge than working on yourself, but with the help of our solutions we can help you get there.
Here’s a quick breakdown of our customized plan.
Understanding Your Relationship

The first step in understanding your challenges is through active listening. Our trainer couples specialist will only focus on listening and diving deep into understanding the challenges both parties are facing in the relationship.

Hearing Both Sides Of The Relationship

Once our Couples Specialist gets a good overall understand, now they want to understand both sides and see where each person is coming from.

Building A Solution For Both Sides

Our Couples Therapist will customize a solution for both partners so they can build and grow together and build a stronger bond.

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Need Help Rebuilding Your Relationship Or Marriage? We Can Help.

What Couple Therapy Services Do We Offer?

At GCT London we offer a variety of different couple therapy services. This includes individual counselling, marriage guidance, LGBT couples counselling, youth counselling, and much more. If you are experiencing depression, stress or anxiety that is affecting your relationship, we suggest 1-on-1 counselling as well.


What Are The Benefits Of Couples Counselling?

If you are serious about fixing the challenges you are facing in your relationship, and you want things to start working, there are many benefits to couples therapy.

Open Communication

  • Creating open communication will prevent both parties from wanting to hide or lie about certain things because of fear it will jeopardize the relationship.

Deeper Intimacy

  • With deeper intimacy and a connection to your partner you can re-spark the love you both had for one another when you first met.

Build Overall Confidence

  • When you know you have a great relationship with your partner, your overall confidence in life can drastically improve. Many clients have noticed improved confidence at work, better relationship with their kids, and less overall stress. 

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of couples counselling, we found a great resource by Your Counselling.

Are You Ready To Improve Your Relationship?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much Does GCT London Charge Per Hour?

While we charge $120-$140 on a per hour basis, we offer a free 10-minute consultation so you can see if we are a good fit for what you are looking for.

How Long Does Couples Counselling Last?

Couples counselling sessions last 1-hour each, however to rebuild a relationship it can take 10-15 hours sometimes to gain all the value you need to rebuild your relationship.

Should Married Couples Go To Counselling?

If you are in a marriage that you would like to rebuild, couples counselling is for you. Our therapists will help rebuild the spark which you both had at the beginning of your relationship.

Can Couples Counselling Fix A Relationship?

Couples counselling can help fix your relationship, and based on our feedback from previous clients they were very happy with the outcomes. If you want to give it a try, book 1 session with us and see how you feel.

Is Relationship Counselling Worth It?

Relationship counselling is only worth it if you truly want to rebuild your relationship with your partner. It can be challenging but if you both put in the effort you can make it work. It is also helpful to have a professional there to hear both sides.

Can A Therapist See A Couple Individually?

While we offer couples counselling we also offer individual counselling as well for those looking for more private counselling sessions.

Are You In A Youth Who Needs Help? View Our Youth Counselling Service