1. People think seeking counselling is a sign of weakness

Seeking help from a counsellor or a therapist is far from weakness. Realizing you have a challenge and seeking help is the first step to growth.

If you look at the most successful people in our world, they all have advisors, mentors, and coaches. Therapy is the coach for your mental health which a lot of people shy away from because it has to deal with the vulnerability and emotions of a person.

If you can take this first step, you’ve already started on a path to positivity.


2. Counselling might trigger rage and anger in a person

Many who suffer from trauma, rage or anger may feel that if triggered can lead to them bursting into an uncontrollable emotional state.

Our professionals have seen it all, and while we will take the proper measures to ensure we don’t cross any boundaries which may trigger such negative response, we are trained to help with these types of situations.


3. Counselling is expensive with no guarantee

Counselling should be looked at as an investment instead of as an expense. If you want to better your situation and stop feeling negative emotions a few sessions of therapy could be the difference between a better life moving forward or a negative life forever.


4. Why would I tell a stranger about my struggles?

You are absolutely correct in the sense that there is no obligation to tell someone you’ve just met about your problems.

If you do not see eye-to-eye with your therapist after a free session, and if you feel you are not gaining the value you expected, there are many other therapists who may better fit your needs.

A counsellor is a trained professional, no different than hiring a fitness trainer to lose those few extra pounds.


5. What if they tell someone I know or am close with?

All counsellors & therapists are licensed and if any information is disclosed they risk losing their license. 

If this is a major concern, you can always seek virtual counselling by someone who is in a different state or province.


6. They feel they can handle their problems on their own

While you can definitely learn on your own as you should, a counsellor can shorten your learning curve. One session can be the difference between spending months trying to resolve your issue compared to a few weeks.

We all have blind spots we cannot see, a professional can point them out for you.


7. Exposing yourself can lead to you being judged.

At GCT London we offer a no-judgement free zone. Along with many other therapy clinics we are trained professionals who have worked with 100’s and 1000’s of individuals in your situation.

We’ve seen it all, and we understand as humans we go through challenges in life. We will offer you that same experience.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

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