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What are the symptoms of anxiety?

There are many symptoms to feeling anxious, and we have included some examples here for you.

Those who are anxious may feel stressed, fearful; increased blood pressure, sweating, shaking, rapid heart rate, rapid breathing, nausea, stomach upset, digestion issues, dissociation, panic; constant worry, racing thoughts, sense that something bad is going to happen, feeling unsafe, feeling out of control.

Anxiety therapy in London is recommended for locals who are experiencing these symptoms of anxiety which are normally emotional, physical, and cognitive.

What can cause anxiety?

Anxiety is the result of a nervous system that is responding to danger, whether it is real or imagined, conscious or not. This can be a result of trauma, it can be situational or physiological. 

We suffer from anxiety usually because of ‘fear of the future’. The thought of something that we don’t want to happen keeps us up at night or prevents us from focusing on the tasks we have at hand.

Anxiety has been shown to have increased in all of us who spend a lot of time on social media, because it can make us feel that there is no time left and we need to achieve something in the future.

While anxiety does affect us, in situations where it takes over our lives this can cause us to be stressed and depressed as a result.

a person who is feeling anxious

What are the benefits of anxiety therapy?

Benefits of anxiety therapy allow you to identify processing triggers such as past memories that that are influencing anxiety in the present. We help achieve this by teaching relaxation strategies to increase coping in the moment, help to calm the body by helping you understanding and coping with panic.

How much is an anxiety therapy session?

An anxiety therapy session could cost anywhere from $120-$140/hr.

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