Anger Management In London, Ontario

What Might Cause You To Be Angry?

We offer anger management in London, ON as a therapy session to help those in challenging situations. Some people refer to anger as a secondary emotion.
This means that the person feels a different emotion first. Someone may get angry because they feel threatened, rejected or embarrassed.
They may get angry because they are hungry or tired. Or they may get angry when they are stressed or frustrated.

Anger becomes problematic when it turns into aggression. Therapy can help you learn new ways to manage anger through specific individual counselling.

What Can Anger Management Do For You?

Anger management can help you deal with situations which may be sparking your anger, such as trouble at work, in your relationship, financial situation, etc.

Anger can cause you to act irrationally and cause you to make reactive decisions which you will regret later.

By learning how anger is harming your life and relationships, you can better deal with it and prevent anger from taking control of your emotions.

frustrated and angry person

Anger is an emotion which is usually fueled by something else, such as fear. It takes control of our lives and we end up engaging in poor habits such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and any other forms of gratification which can help us fill that void.

Anger management therapy is a place where you can express your emotions and feelings without being judged. You will get the perspective of a professional therapist who has worked with 100’s of others in a similar situation.

While you might be in an environment where people want to help you but they don’t know how, anger management therapy is the best place to start.

What Others Said About Their Anger Challenges?

  1. “I feel like I am in a place where my demons are taking me over and causing me to act irrationally”
  2. “Anger ruined my marriage and it caused me to enter a dark place in my life”
  3. “I knew I needed anger management when my kids stopped talking to me. It was the worst feeling in the world”
  4. “Speaking out your emotions was the most therapeutic way to let it all out and get deep into the root of what was causing my anger”

How Much Does Anger Management Cost?

Anger management costs $120/hr for all ages. It is an investment that can lead you to treating your anger problems and to help rebuild your relationships and goals.

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